Hendricus Cornelis Kranenburg was born in 1917.

He lived after his study in Laren (1943 - 1964) and Bergen op Zoom (1964 - 1997).

Hendricus Cornelis Kranenburg died on the age of 79 in 1997.

A Keen Painter

Many paintings have been sold at actions all over the world.  

One of the wellknown paintings (oil on canvas);

"A view of the river Amstel with the theatre Carré" was sold at Christie's Amsterdam.

Highly Productive

He was a very valued Art Painter of urban life. Indeed, he was a highly productive Art Painter, with over, calculated 1.728 paintings  (1943 - 1997). 24 % of the Art Paintings are discovered and in the possession of private individuals. Hanging in the living room, everywhere in the world.

Art Movement

Impressionism. His work was influenced by "The Haque School"

National Academy of Fine

Hendricus Cornelis Kranenburg  was a student of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam conducted by J.H.Jurres an W.H.van den Berg.